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When planning a project, companies are always looking for ways to complete the job in the most effective way possible and ensure a smooth process throughout. By introducing external parties, whether that be for work or otherwise, the project can become more convoluted and time-consuming. At the same time, there is the added issue that the project, as a result of being split into smaller parts, suddenly becomes more costly to complete, which can impact the finished product. Whether it’s due to redesign, missed deadlines or lack of resources, these can all lead to a sub-par result, which can damage your company’s reputation.

There are key ways to avoid this, however, and at Brimstone Enterprises, we can offer effective and practical solutions to aid a range of oil & gas projects. We’re able to provide a capable hub of engineers that can work in perfect tandem with your team to ensure you have a ready supply of qualified workers to complete your project. Dedicated, focused and skilled are key traits of our workforce, which can be essential when you need a driving force to meet deadlines. Distractions and other factors can often slow progress down and lead to inefficiency, but with our additional workers, we can ensure you’re able to focus on the tasks that matter.

There are multiple applications for our workforce and ways in which they can slot into a larger team and become a crucial cog. We can provide remote services or we can work from your facilities if you prefer. To find out more about how our team can benefit you and help you complete work both efficiently and to a high standard, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether you’d like to learn more about how we can help or if you’d like to enquire about our services, please call us on +44 (0) 1229 838 111 to speak to a member of our team directly or email us at enquiries@brimstoneuk.com with your message.

Keeping Projects in House Can Lead to

Increased Cost

Your projects can run over budget due to high overheads from recruitment fees, payroll, taxes, IT hardware and software licenses.

Lost Time

Your project can be delayed due to lack of resources, emergencies, missed scope, redesign, rework, retesting or distractions.


You’re paying for your team to be distracted by work that is often outside of their comfort zone or doesn’t require their specific expertise.

Brimstone Adds Value to Oil & Gas Companies by

Centre for Excellence

Giving you access to our multidisciplinary team, bringing experience from Oil & Gas, Renewable, Energy, Nuclear & Defence.

Access to One is Access to All

Assigning dedicated professionals to your project and supporting them with our experienced multi-sector team.

Your Place or Ours, You Choose

Integrating into your existing team at your location or providing remote services from our UK offices.

Professional Services on Tap

Offering as much or as little support as you need. Switch us off if your project is on hold and on if you want even more.

Cradle to Grave Project Expertise

Providing experience of the full development process from concept to decommissioning. Choose where you need us most.

Manufacture, Build & Commission

Delivering high quality manufactured products and equipment to you. Offshore or onshore, we can install them for you.

Quality in Everything We Do

Committing to test and measure every part of our process to ensure quality and consistency.

Guaranteed Performance

Ensuring we exceed your expectations. Our logo is our symbol of quality and our stamp of approval.

Investing in Your Future

Collaborating with entrepreneurs and small businesses to engineer their ideas into products.

We Understand The Challenges in Oil & Gas

We know how valuable your reputation is in the industry and the cost to you if your project is delayed, in particularly if it results in non-productive time (NPT).

We know how focused you are on providing safe working conditions onshore & offshore whilst trying to reduce operational costs.

We know how important your time is and, despite best efforts, things still go wrong meaning you need solutions with a rapid turnaround.

We know how crucial it is to innovate new technology in a highly competitive industry to ensure you stay at the cutting edge.

Integration within Oil & Gas Industries

We understand that, every time you undertake a project, it’s important that it’s completed to the best of your ability, after all, it directly impacts your reputation. Completing projects to the highest standard possible will show that your company is capable and one of the best in the industry. To deliver innovation to your company, Brimstone is on hand to provide a team of trained professionals with the skills that you need most. This means that if there is a gap in your team’s skill set, your team isn’t big enough or you’ve taken on a contract with a huge scope, we can help reinforce your team.

When it comes to outsourcing work, this can add extra steps to the whole project, which in some cases, can slow progress. Pressing on with work and completing tasks by the dates promised are much more manageable when you’re in control of your own team. However, once the work is outsourced, another party is introduced, which can make project management more difficult. If you don’t want to outsource but are understaffed, you may feel as though there is no solution. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution. Our team is integrated with yours, allowing you complete control over your workforce.

By integrating our engineers with your own, you can keep all project work in-house, preventing unnecessary steps. This also allows you to manage and delegate tasks much easier, whilst being able to oversee progress. When working for clients on projects with a huge scope, it’s extremely important to hit deadlines in order to manage expectations. With our team involved, you have as much or as little access as you need, as well as the ability to utilise our workforce to its full extent. To further accommodate your needs, we can also offer a choice between working locations, which means that if you have an office or facilities where you feel comfortable, our workers can be integrated with you there. Alternatively, if you need a larger and better-equipped workspace, we can provide you with one of our UK office locations.

Once you enlist our services, you’ll have complete control over the level of support we offer. We understand that projects don’t always run as smoothly as you would like, and sometimes they are put on hold. This means you probably won’t need extra workers, so you’re able to put our services on hold, just as you’re able to demand more, should you need it. This gives you control and allows you to use our flexible workforce to your advantage, which also gives you comfort to know that you do have extra resources if you need them. Especially within the oil & gas sector, finding engineering solutions at short notice can be extremely difficult, even more so when a high level of skill is required.

Oil and gas projects require industry experts and workers with a clear understanding of the task at hand. However, when outsourcing, this isn’t always what is offered, and this can lead to issues arising as more communication is required to ensure the third party understand the work. Issues with incomplete project work can reflect badly on your company, and depending on severity, potentially ruining the entire project. At Brimstone, we will only supply a workforce of people who understand the industry and have experience working on similar projects to ensure that they fit seamlessly into your team. 

Our services aren’t just limited to specific stages either, as we’re able to offer help and support and various stages of the project, whether it’s at the concept level, or additional support is needed to get the project over the line, you can choose. This can help to fill in any gaps in your workforce’s skill set, meaning that, with our help, you can manage a team with skills that cover all bases. With this asset to utilise, you can take on bigger and more ambitious contracts that not only give you a greater monetary return but also improve your reputation.

Get Access to Dedicated Services

1. Enquiry

Email or call us so our team can get to know you and your project. We’ll submit a proposal that’s tailored to your needs.

2. Solution

We’ll assign dedicated resources from our multidisciplinary team to provide technical services wherever you need them.

3. Success

Complete your project and stay operational. We’ll keep in touch to confirm everything is to your satisfaction.

How Brimstone Can Help You Overcome Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industries

When undertaking projects within this sector, we understand that every penny counts and every minute matters. It’s likely that, over the course of the project, you will face a wide range of challenges that can potentially waste money and time, thus leading to inefficiency across the board. This can lead to higher costs and potentially inflate the delivery time, which can have a knock-on effect on your customer satisfaction and business reputation. If this is the case and your reputation is damaged, this could mean that you struggle to land large projects in the future, which can be detrimental in such a competitive industry.

The costs of working on a project that includes ensuring that you have a sufficient workforce, safe facilities and relevant resources can skyrocket if not properly managed. This can be due to inefficiency or facilities that are safe and practical for your requirements. The need for suitable facilities can sometimes outweigh your budget, leading to you paying excessive amounts of money to ensure that you’re able to complete the job. However, as we understand this and the impact it can have, we aim to offer a solution. To help ensure that the engineering facilities are safe, we can provide additional support that can aid health and safety, or, provide a workplace that is secure, depending on what stage the project is at.

Time is one of the most crucial factors involved with project planning and progress. It can be vital to costings, planning and managing client expectations. If deadlines are being met through the process, you can receive a clear indication that you’re on track and you can relay this information to the client to ensure they are properly informed. Alternatively, you can use this as an indication as to the level of support you may need. If you have a tight deadline to meet but are lacking in resources, we can provide a supply of engineering workers to ensure you’re able to complete the project on time. Whether it’s aid with project management, management of distribution or help to reduce the cost of operations, there are multiple applications for our team that can help overcome timing challenges.

When carrying out oil and gas engineering contracts, there can be demand for new and innovative technology. With high competition from other companies, it is crucial to create technology that can be adapted to the situation and that is cutting edge. At Brimstone, we can support research and development projects from start to finish, to help your company stay ahead of the competition.


Offshore & Surface

Oilfield & Downhole

Tooling & Test Rigs


  • Subsurface Robotics (ROVs & ROV Tools)
  • Compensators & Enclosures
  • Hydraulic And Electro-Mechanical Assemblies
  • Subsea Connectors & Controls
  • Electrical Penetrators
  • X-Trees, Deployment Frames, Skids & Structures
  • Cable Glands, Bend Restrictors & Stiffeners
  • Pressure, Temperature & Flow Monitoring Systems
  • ROV Operated Equipment & Panels
  • Diver Operated Equipment
  • Technology Re-Purposing for Subsea Applications

Offshore & Surface

  • Harsh Environment Robotics (Pressure & Petrochemical)
  • ATEX Products & Equipment
  • Wellhead Feedthroughs (Electrical & Hydraulic)
  • Surface Connectors & Controls
  • Offshore Tooling & Fixtures
  • Spoolers & HPUs
  • Bespoke Offshore Workshops & Cargo Baskets
  • Containerised Systems
  • Cable Management & Clamps
  • Structures & Frames

Oilfield & Downhole

  • Pipeline Robotics & Pigs
  • Wellhead, Tubing Hanger & Packer Feedthroughs (Electrical & Hydraulic)
  • Downhole Connectors & Controls
  • Downhole Sensors & Monitoring Equipment
  • Cable Management & Clamps
  • Well Intervention Tools (Wireline & Coiled Tubing)
  • ESP Bypass & Encapsulated Systems
  • Completion Assemblies & Tubular Products

Tooling & Test Rigs

  • Vacuum Oil Fill Tooling & Baths
  • Bespoke Production Tooling, Presses, Jigs & Fixtures
  • Installation & Assembly Tools
  • Frames & Structures
  • Vibration Test Plates & Fixtures
  • Process & Test Optimisation
  • Factory Acceptance & Qualification Test Rigs
  • Fluid Flow Loops
  • Pressure Test Equipment (Vessel Adaptors, Penetrations, Actuators, Impellers & High-Pressure Assemblies)

Essential Equipment

When working in remote locations offshore, or even in hard to reach locations onshore, if you’re caught short of equipment, it can be extremely difficult to find a solution. When working on an oil rig or out at sea, transport and access to your team can be limited and even more so if the weather is bad. This can leave your team completely cut off and short of supplies. Whether it’s due to overuse of resources or equipment that has become damaged and unusable, there are a range of reasons why you may need professional equipment supplied to you.

Alternatively, if you’re working onshore, the same issue may still occur, but it’s possible that you don’t have any replacements lined up. Similarly, the equipment you need may be in short supply, and it could be days or even weeks until you receive the part you need. This can lead to downtime and damage productivity, which can, in turn, threaten deadlines and push back the completion dates. If you’ve ever been caught in this situation, you’ll be well aware of the issues it can cause and how detrimental it can be to your operation.

Alternatively, you may begin work in an environment in which you don’t have the right equipment to start with, or unanticipated issues may later arise that demand further kit. To help you get the ball rolling, we’ll be able to provide and install the technology you need so that you can begin work. This applies to both onshore and offshore locations too, as we understand you may be taking contracts in both environments. It’s also common that companies work offshore in the oil and gas engineering sector, so we aim to cater to our clients as much as possible.

At Brimstone, we understand the issue more than most, which is why, as part of our dedicated service, we can deliver high-quality manufactured products and equipment to you and install them for you. This means that if you haven’t got the time or the skills amongst your team to install or source the equipment yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Committed to Innovation

At Brimstone Enterprises, we know you are the kind of people who want to be world leaders in your industry. In order to be that, you need a multidisciplinary team of professionals who are committed to innovation every day.

The problem is that you can’t always find the resources with the skills you need when you need them most, which makes you feel frustrated and worried about the future. We believe that innovation should be exhilarating and accessing the right resources should be simple.

We understand how hard it is to find personnel that have all the experience and expertise you need for as long as you need them. That’s why Brimstone have created a centre for excellence, a single place where you can access our team of high quality technical talent from multiple disciplines including.

Electrical & Electronic
Oilfield & Downhole
Well Intervention
Civil & Structural
Project Management
Field Services

Our Application

At Brimstone, our application is flexible and, when integrated properly, can massively benefit your productivity. With our team of experts available and our incredible workshop, we can provide you with the support you need to complete contracts, no matter how large. We also never do things by halves and actively strive to provide the best possible service, ensuring that we exceed your expectations. We like to keep our process simple to ensure you can receive the service you need within the timeframe you need it.

Our journey together begins when you submit your proposal for our services. At this stage, it’s important you identify the support you need when you come to us with the inquiry. Once we have received it, we will provide you with a proposal that will outline the details of our agreement and form the basis of our working relationship together. This is also the stage where we will learn the scope of your project and explore how we can best benefit you in a practical sense. With our advanced set of resources available, we can work together to see what works well for you and ensure you get everything you need from us to meet your deadlines.

The next stage is implementation, where we carry out everything that has been previously planned. Once the proposal has been accepted by you, we can begin to roll out the agreed services and begin the integration between our teams. Depending on which services you require from us, we can implement our skilled engineers into your team and ensure they are fully briefed on the full terms of the project. Carrying out this step effectively will allow us to perform in the highest possible way to ensure your desired results are achieved. If there are any crucial criteria or equipment needed, this is the stage where this will be implemented. 

Once implemented effectively, this provides the best basis to achieve results, which leads us to our final step: Achieve. Assuming that work has been done properly, all planned deadlines will be met, and the project will be delivered as expected. To ensure that the project confidently sails over the finish line, we will be closely in touch to provide any additional support that is needed from you.

Experienced Team

At Brimstone, we have a team full of experts with experience within the most highly regulated sectors, including Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Nuclear, and Defence & Aerospace. This means that no matter what the application for our services is, if it falls within our area of experience, we’re extremely well placed to help and improve your company’s project. When we provide our services, we apply both ourselves and our INSPIRE values to the situation in order to deliver the best performance possible.

If you want to speak to us about how our services can aid you on a project, or, if you need support but aren’t sure exactly how we can help, please get in touch. Once you submit an inquiry, we can discuss the project and application of our services with you and create a proposal that meets your needs. To get in touch with us, you can call +44 (0) 1229 838 111 to speak to a member of our team directly or email us at enquiries@brimstoneuk.com with your message and contact details. A member of our dedicated team will aim to respond as soon as possible to provide you with ways in which we can help.

1. Submit

Submit an enquiry so we can provide you with a proposal.

2. Assign

We assign dedicated resource to provide services and develop solutions.

3. Achieve

You achieve project success. We’ll keep in touch to make sure of it.

So enquire now so you can stop struggling to complete your projects on time and start revolutionising your industry instead.

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