A modular equipment deployment system, helping you to support, configure and operate your NDT assets effectively.
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Designed to Provide a Stable Platform

The Modular adaptive reach system is designed to provide a stable platform to support NDT equipment and enable it to be manipulated around the specimen. Capable of operating in harsh environments, where there is uneven terrain or limited access, MARS offers a robust work holding solution that significantly reduces equipment set-up time.

MARS increases productivity by significantly reducing equipment setup and operational time when performing critical inspection tasks. Supports a range of devices such as X-Ray source heads, capture plates, UT scanners and much more. Typical applications include weld seam and creep analysis of pipelines and pressure vessels. MARS modules and adaptors can be ordered separately or as part of a customised kit.

Bespoke adaptors and pricing information are available on request.

MARS - Modular Adaptive Reach System

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Completely tool-free and can be customised to suit a range of different applications and environments.


Rapidly switch through a range of adaptors and configurations using the quick release interface.


Inspect up to 45mm diameter pipes with adjustable horizontal extension (2m) and vertical elevation (1.8m)


Choose from a wide range of adaptors and bases to suit all inspection tasks. Bespoke adaptors available on request.

Not Having The Right Tools For The Job Leads to

Damaged Equipment

Your team improvise using methods which are not fit for purpose which risks damage to sensitive and valuable equipment.

Lost Time

Your inspections have to be repeated due to poor quality imagery requiring further inspections or unnecessary repetition.


NDT inspection projects take longer due to excessive equipment setup time using improvised support aids.

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